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Friday, November 14, 2008

New Members of the Family

Time may tell if I am crazy or not. We have new members of the family! My sister's cat, Yoda, got a neighborhood kitty pregnant (he has since been neutered). The mommy cat is such a sweet pretty thing, that I might have taken her myself. Unfortunately that wouldn't work as she is an outside cat.

So, sh had 5 kittens at the end of August. Hannah had been very insistent that we take one. (I think her ulterior motive was that she could visit it later). Nate and I thought about it and we thought we might get one. When the time came, we both thought that we should get two so that they could have a friend and playmate.

We wanted two girls. Originally, Hannah had determined that there were 4 boys and one girl. As it is rather difficult to determine the sex of kittens before they are two months old, three of them were seemingly incorrect. So the count went to 4 girls and one boy. It was under that assumption that we got "Socks" and "Button" both girls. I thought after a day or two that I should double check. One was a girl and the other a boy. Hannah turned out to be right on most of the kittens!

So, in the tradition of Princess Victoria Cherries, here is Sir Louis Buttons "Louie" (Formerly Louisa)
And Duchess Georgiana Socks "Gigi" (Cecily came up with the name Gigi!)

They are settling in well and have thus avoided death by child love! The girls are getting much better at handling them, there's a lot less neck grabbing and such! We have only had them a week and they are already bigger!

It is lots of fun watching them play and explore! It's great entertainment!

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