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Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Buddy!

As people my age will likely remember, there was this doll for boys who was called "My Buddy". The girl version was called "Kid Sister". Remember?

Now the reason I bring this up is not because I collect them or anything, but I want to tell you about MY buddy!

The song for the My buddy doll commercial went something like this:

My buddy is Cordelia, wherever I go, she goes. Cordelia is such a mama's girl. I am always holding her or carrying her around, she tolerates others holding her from time to time, but 10 minutes is about her max with someone other than Nate or I. It can be very tiring after awhile and sometimes I just want a break! But she really is a sweet baby. I would just like to say a few things about her, and what she's doing lately.

She is very nearly crawling. She digs her little feet in and pushes herself around the floor. I guess this is what is called scooting. She's also pulling herself to standing. She discovered this neat little trick a few weeks ago and has been doing it ever since. Sometimes I'll sit her down on the floor and she'll scoot over to get a toy, then turn around, scoot back over to me, pull up on my legs and wait to be picked up. She also has a penchant for diving off my lap to get something, which can be rather scary at times!

Cordelia is nearing 8 months and we have yet to really get going on solids. She does not care for the cereal or baby food, but she will gum a cracker to death. While we're talking about her gums, she also has yet to cut a tooth, or showing ant real signs of teething for that matter. That's okay by me since she is still nursing and I am not looking forward to being bitten.

She really is a sweet and funny baby. She's vocalizing a lot more and the "g" sound seems to be her favorite. Coco also does this really cute growling sound when she's focused on something.

She and Cecily love to talk and laugh together. I am really happy to have two girls close in age. It can be overwhelming at times, but they both really grateful for my sweet little girls!

And that's just a little about "my buddy"!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mom Survey...

I am not a big survey person, but I thought this was fun!

1. Age(s)? 26 mos / 7 mos

2. Name(s)? Cecily Ruth / Cordelia Susannah

3. Birthdays? 11/16/05 & 6/6/07

4. Time of birth? 1:13 pm / 12:54 pm

5. How long did labor last? n/a (scheduled c-section) / 10 hours

6. Who was in the room when baby was born? Nate, medical staff / Nate, our moms, assorted medical staff

7. How long did you push? n/a, it did take some time to get her out, though / 15 minutes, had to wait for the doctor.

8. Weight? 8 lbs., 8 oz / 8 lbs even

9. Length? 22 in. / 21 in.

10. Any hair? yes, red fuzz / yes, brown in back, blond on top.

11. Who does baby look like? Me / Nate

12. Be much weight did you gain while pregnant? 29 lbs. / 24 lbs.

13. Was baby early or late? 2 days early / 8 days late

14. Who drove you home from the hospital? Nate / Nate

15. How many baby showers did you have? 1 / 0

16. When did baby start sleeping through the night? both about 6 weeks

17. Did you breastfeed? Yes, 1 month / Still going at 7 months

18. Who takes care of your baby the most? Equal / Me, Cordelia's a mama's girl

19. When do you want to have another one? 2010

20. How did you pick the name? Cecily's from "The Importance of Being Earnest" Cordelia is from "King Lear" and Anne of Green Gables. Ruth is my grandma's name and Susannah is also a family name.

21. How did you know when it was time to go to hospital? I was scheduled to be there, lol / Contractions were about 3 min apart after about 3 hours of labor.

22. Anyone spend the night with you first night home? No

23.Did you cry the first time you held your baby? Not either time. I did get misty when I heard Cecily cry the first time. I am really emotional, but I just didn't cry, it was just a weird and overwhelming experience.

24. Where was the baby born? Mercy Southwest / San Joaquin both in Bakes.

25. Did you video tape the birth? No, I remember well enough.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom's birthday was on the 27th. Last Saturday, we went out to Urichhio's for dinner, which was very good. I had delicious cannelloni and a rather peaceful time. Cordelia slept the ENTIRE TIME! That's practically a miracle.

Then we went to the Holiday Lights @ CALM (California Living Museum). Cecily was very happy about this. She has been totally enthralled by all of the "chischis chees" (Christmas trees/lights), so 2 million+ lights was awesome for her. She got to ride the carousel and was rather upset about having to get off the horsey. Cordelia even liked the lights too!

Cecily also enjoyed visiting the reptile house and seeing all the snakes: "Sakes! Sssssss...."

A good, if a little cold time was had by all.



Happy New Year!

No resolutions here, just goals I have had for awhile.

Anyway, maybe I should resolve to get to sleep earlier. It's about 2 am. Fun, fun!

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and just plain great 2008! (No, I didn't intend for that to rhyme!)


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