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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom's birthday was on the 27th. Last Saturday, we went out to Urichhio's for dinner, which was very good. I had delicious cannelloni and a rather peaceful time. Cordelia slept the ENTIRE TIME! That's practically a miracle.

Then we went to the Holiday Lights @ CALM (California Living Museum). Cecily was very happy about this. She has been totally enthralled by all of the "chischis chees" (Christmas trees/lights), so 2 million+ lights was awesome for her. She got to ride the carousel and was rather upset about having to get off the horsey. Cordelia even liked the lights too!

Cecily also enjoyed visiting the reptile house and seeing all the snakes: "Sakes! Sssssss...."

A good, if a little cold time was had by all.


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