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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time is just flying by...

I can't believe that we are already nearing the end of February. I thought I would catch up a little here.

Nate is enjoying his new job working with disabled adults. He is also working on multiple creative endeavors as always.

I have been sick with the kids and have been feeling pretty worn out. I don't think being an insomniac helps with that.

Cordelia has been crawling very well for a few weeks. She actually allows me to put her down for a few moments and she will play. It's like a miracle! She is a happy and sweet baby. I can't believe her birthday will be here in just a few months! She remains very much a mommy's girl, but she is a little flirt and loves to have people notice her. She also remains toothless. I am just amazed by this. By this age, I think Cecily already had 6 teeth. This is OK for me as she is still nursing a lot. I don't look forward to being bitten with teeth! Cordelia's hair is coming in nicely and it is blonde. So many people are surprised at this because of Cecily's hair, but neither of us are redheads. She certainly is taking after the H______ or rather the McG side. She looks a lot like her dad and his mom too!

Cecily is amazing. I can't believe how much she is learning. She has this book called "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?" Each page asks that question to the respective animal on the page. She will go through the whole book saying: "Sake, sake, wha you hear? Bird, bird, wha you hear? etc." It is so cute. She is also picking up on some of my expressions like: "No no no" and "You Rock!" She will correct me if she thinks something I say is wrong. The other day, she brought me this greenish gray rock and asked me what color it was. I told her gray, but she said: "No no no, it geen." It is amazing. She knows tons of colors and has a great memory for songs and music. I guess the musical gene has continued for another generation.

Here are a couple cute pictures of them in the sink. They both love baths!

So, not too much has happened except for all the learning and growing that little ones do!

On a sad note, the family dog, Amadeus died today. He was 13, so he lived a good long life. HE was a great dog and will be missed!


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