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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mom Survey...

I am not a big survey person, but I thought this was fun!

1. Age(s)? 26 mos / 7 mos

2. Name(s)? Cecily Ruth / Cordelia Susannah

3. Birthdays? 11/16/05 & 6/6/07

4. Time of birth? 1:13 pm / 12:54 pm

5. How long did labor last? n/a (scheduled c-section) / 10 hours

6. Who was in the room when baby was born? Nate, medical staff / Nate, our moms, assorted medical staff

7. How long did you push? n/a, it did take some time to get her out, though / 15 minutes, had to wait for the doctor.

8. Weight? 8 lbs., 8 oz / 8 lbs even

9. Length? 22 in. / 21 in.

10. Any hair? yes, red fuzz / yes, brown in back, blond on top.

11. Who does baby look like? Me / Nate

12. Be much weight did you gain while pregnant? 29 lbs. / 24 lbs.

13. Was baby early or late? 2 days early / 8 days late

14. Who drove you home from the hospital? Nate / Nate

15. How many baby showers did you have? 1 / 0

16. When did baby start sleeping through the night? both about 6 weeks

17. Did you breastfeed? Yes, 1 month / Still going at 7 months

18. Who takes care of your baby the most? Equal / Me, Cordelia's a mama's girl

19. When do you want to have another one? 2010

20. How did you pick the name? Cecily's from "The Importance of Being Earnest" Cordelia is from "King Lear" and Anne of Green Gables. Ruth is my grandma's name and Susannah is also a family name.

21. How did you know when it was time to go to hospital? I was scheduled to be there, lol / Contractions were about 3 min apart after about 3 hours of labor.

22. Anyone spend the night with you first night home? No

23.Did you cry the first time you held your baby? Not either time. I did get misty when I heard Cecily cry the first time. I am really emotional, but I just didn't cry, it was just a weird and overwhelming experience.

24. Where was the baby born? Mercy Southwest / San Joaquin both in Bakes.

25. Did you video tape the birth? No, I remember well enough.

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