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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday or So Not Worth It.

Yesterday, we went to P.F. Chang's for our November birthday dinner. Actually, it was a lunch and my dad wasn't there, so it was more like the 3 girls and Cecily birthday lunch. November is our big birthday month. The 7th is my Dad and Kirsten's birthday, the 10th is my grandma's, the 16th is Cecily's, 17th Maren's and 19th is mine, etc, etc...

When we were younger, we'd have two birthday celebrations. One for Dad and Kirsten and another for Maren and I. This has been condensed into one, if any birthday celebration.

So, back to the food! We made an attempt two years ago for our November celebration to be at P.F Chang's. It had opened recently and we were not able to get in. So we had China Bistro out in the cold, on one of the few cold days in Bakersfield. Haha!

This year was to make up for it. I like the food there, but upon opening the menu, I discovered that their prices had gone up significantly, averaging around $13-14 per entree as compared to $9-10 that they were a few years ago. I mean, the food isn't that great. It certainly isn't worth $20+ a person. I mean, we can go to Panda Express (my family's favorite) for less than half and quite honestly, their food is more than half the flavor of P.F. Chang's. Of course, you pay for the service and all of that, but I am still not feeling it.

Some restaurants are worth it, but is P.F. Chang's? Meh, I am thinking not.

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