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Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting big too fast!

So my little baby is growing up all at once it seems!

Last Saturday, at 9 months and two days, she took two steps together! Cordelia has been cruising on the furniture or a few weeks now and is now attempting to strike out on her own two legs. She has only been able to manage two steps at a time, and she always falls down after that. So, it'll take her a little while to really be "walking". I am so surprised because this is a couple months earlier than Cecily was walking. But, I suppose that is normal with a younger sibling close in age.

Yesterday, her first tooth FINALLY popped through. It's the middle right one on the bottom. I put my finger in there and was rubbing her gum and Cordelia just started laughing like she was so proud of her new addition!

Her other new trick is climbing onto the coffee table. I think we're going to move that, though!

So it's really strange to see her doing all of these things because she is so little. Cecily was much larger than her at this age, so it's strange having my "little" girl do this, especially at a younger age.

I am glad that she is also starting to get a bit more independent, but I am mourning the loss of her "tinyness". (Don't take that as wanting another now, because I surely do not for at least another year or two!)

I guess this is all a part of having little ones, you have to watch them become big ones!

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Mansius Family March 15, 2008 at 1:36 AM  

So Cute! Aubrey has not gotten brave enough to take a step away from the couch yet. She will let go and then when she realizes that nothing is holding her up she just sits down. But if their is everything pushed up against the coffee table she will climb up as well.

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