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Thursday, October 25, 2007

On Losing My Hair...

So, I am losing my hair. This is not your regular strand every now and again, this is strand after strand after strand 24/7 by the handful. Thankfully, the reason is legitimate and to be expected. I had a baby just a few months ago. Postpartum hair loss is just one of the many little surprises for you body.

Apparently, while one is pregnant, your body does not send out the proper signals to get rid of your hair so you generally don't lose much. This is why a pregnant lady's locks are generally rather luxuriant. But a few months after the baby is born, your hormones get back to normal and your hair tries to catch up by getting rid of all the hair that was scheduled to be lost during pregnancy. So that's 10+ months of hair loss in a matter of weeks.

You think that after 9 months of sickness, discomfort and every intrusion possible on your modesty, you can hope that after the labor and delivery, it will all be over when you hold your newborn in your arms. Nope. The after effects can sometimes be long lasting. Being stretched beyond belief to having a belly that looks like a fleshy deflated balloon to having your hair darken several shades. And that's not even the tip of the iceberg...

But, when I look at my sweet little girls, I realize that this transformation is worth it. So much so that it's worth repeating a few times, clogged drains and all.

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ericandbrookesblog October 27, 2007 at 5:32 PM  

I remember losing all of my hair too. However i also lost tons of hair during my first trimester. So I felt like I was bald when Alaura was a couple months old. I'm also losing my hair now after the misscarriage. I too have clogged drains!!! It's all worth it though. i couldn't agree more!!!!

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