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Thursday, November 22, 2007

All About Cess!

I just have to say, Cecily looks like a little girl, all of her babyness is gone:
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I would like to tell you about Cecily.

1. She just turned 2 and is just a sweetheart. She is becoming a great big sister, helping out with diapers, trying to comfort Cordelia when she cries. She says, "'s OK, Coweya".

2. Cecily is also really tall, she's in 3t clothes and size 8 shoes. I guess I should expect that! It's just so weird when she's in nursery and she's taller than most of the kids. She's about as big as her friend "Donny"(Jonny) who's a year older.

3. Her language is increasing exponenetially. A few weeks ago, I counted all of her words and expressions. There were about 130. She seems to learn at least a couple words a day. She also has a wonderful memory. She is like an elephant. Don't tell her anything that you are not going to follow through on. One day, I told her that we'd go see Hannah (her cousin) after "night nights". The first thing out of her mouth in the morning was "Go see Hannah?"

4. She loves music and singing and is a great dancer. She can even get the beat and get to the same note that you are on when singing. On Monday, it was my birthday and she sang to me: "Hap-Ay to you..."

5. Cecily loves animals, especially horses. She loves "Spirit" and "Black Beauty." We got her Fraggle Rock and it was soon a favorite. She's got good taste.

I love my little girl and am looking forward to all the new things she's learning. It's crazy, she's not my baby anymore!


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